Welcome to our website!!!

It’s been a long time coming, but here we are in the world of webs, connecting our Floyd Community in new ways with our ancient Museletter love!

We have created a Bulletin Board to act as a classifieds and business directory. All listings are free for 30 days, at which time you will have to either renew your post or let it expire. At some point in the near future we will offer long-term postings for a minimal fee.

The calendar hub we have is an auto-feed calendar that taps in to whatever website calendars we want to grab (they have to be formatted to work with us!!). In this way individuals and organizations don’t have to post their listing separately on our website–they only have to post their event on their own website or Facebook calendar!

The Museletter Forum is a space for our community to come together and talk about the issues at hand; about activities that we want to ask for help with; about ideas for the future of Floyd, or even concerns. If there is a new Forum umbrella that you would like to see (right now we have our user help section, a section for announcements, and a section for Future of Floyd discussions), drop us an email and let us know, or post your idea in the User Support forum!

Finally, this blog will be host to an ongoing publication of creative writing efforts from those around the community!! Share your creative and fun thoughts with us!!

If you have an event you would like to have posted in our calendar and do not have your own Facebook or Google Calendar you would like to auto-feed to ours, then simply email us with your event information and we will post your event on our Google Calendar! (which will automatically post in the Event Hub!).

We are open to suggestions and comments, but remember, we are an all-volunteer organization, so be nice and it might take us a little while to get back to you.

Happy Musings!
Team Muse

A Museletter is a non-profit Community Forum for co-responding, musings, poetry, bulletin board, news and more, based in Floyd, Virginia.