For 30 years, CERC has incubated & supported many educational efforts.

CERC fosters the holistic development of Floyd by supporting organizations and initiatives which promote emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual growth.

CERC has participated in events and nurtured fledgling organizations which promote the values of community connection and education, health and well being, and environmental stewardship. Our support has ranged from consulting and networking to providing labor and other resources to projects.

  A letter from Kari Kovick:

Hi CERC Board. Last month, I received a check from Randye for $1140.00. You may not know the back-story to this, but it is a good one that I want to share. It speaks so clearly of how CERC actively works to magnify its effect, and how valuable this is to me and to our community.

I was actively seeking new donors to support my work with “at-risk” preschoolers at Floyd Elementary. (These include two special needs preschool classes, one Virginia Preschool Initiative classroom, and two Head Start classrooms.) Ed suggested I contact a group called the Feisty Floydian Filanthropists. Since two of their founding members have strong ties with Floyd public schools, Ed invited me to issue them a challenge: whatever they donated to Heart of the Child for public school children, he would match for music programming for the alternative school populations in Floyd. How good could that be for me and the children of Floyd?? I was thrilled and touched by that gesture of support.

It turns out that one of the founders used to be the head of special education for the county, and he actually started two of these public school preschool programs where I now teach. Thankfully, the Feisty Floydians did donate $570 to my program as well as making two larger donations to two other charities in Floyd. They told me that they felt especially good about giving to Heart of the Child because they knew their gift would go farther with CERC’s help.

And it has. Because of Ed’s challenge I am able to relax further into my work with my at-risk public school populations AND begin this coming week to work with Blue Mountain School’s two youngest groups. Now I can also resume my work with Rising Sun Community School as well, since my classes there were put on hold in November to accommodate the financial demands of a move to a new building. None of the groups that I work with, in public or private school settings, have enough funds to pay for the real cost of my program, so it is a real blessing to be able to fully or partially cover them with donations like these. The children need it, and I need it, so THANK YOU for the part you all play in keeping the musical love flowing for Floyd’s precious youngest and me.

I hope you like this story. I am very grateful for CERC and Ed for making it happen. Please know that you are always welcome to come and witness any of the classes as I teach, if you like. Just call me or email me ahead of time so I can set that up with the schools. I know you each have busy lives doing what you do to make your hearts sing in Floyd, but anytime we can inspire each other with our work, all the better.

Thank you again,


Our members have contributed numerous hours of energy and expertise, as well as monetary support to Floyd area initiatives including:

  • Blue Mountain School (Floyd County’s beloved alternative school)
  • CERC Museletter & (a grass-roots monthly newsletter contributed to, compiled, and circulated by volunteers)
  • BarterFaires (grass-roots trading, networking & entertainment weekends held Spring and Fall for 12 years)
  • Early Childhood Music Program of Floyd (music education for babies, toddlers, and school–aged children; led by Kari Thomas Kovick)
  • End of Life Development (public educational programs, family consultations–operated by Rosemary Wyman)
  • Mountain Song Midwifery & Health Lending Library ( a resource for area midwives, students, and families; coordinated by Sam Steffens)
  • Funding for Central America Relief and Medical Aid (a recovery vehicle post hurricane Mitch in Honduras, as well as a surgical team for children with cleft lips and palates in Guatemala, and to provide prosthetics to young victims of electrocution accidents in Guatemala; coordinated by Judith Starchild)
  • Educational travel experiences by young adults (travel funds in exchange for community presentations)
  • Medical and Cultural educational travel trips (funding for several area herbalists and healers to travel to Chile)
  • Community SongBook (a bound compilation of the lyrics to uplifting community sing-along songs and chants; currently out-of-print)
  • Celebration Space Singers (community voices banded together to raise funds for a proposed community hall project; led by Bob Grubel)
  • ERC Human Resources Directory (directory of resources & skills offered by members; out of print)
  • BRRC (the initial survey and networking meetings of Floyd Area groups to identify the resources and needs of the local area; coordinated by Mary Wiley and Jane Avery)
  • Campaigned against proposed Dominion Gasline Right-of-Way through Floyd County
  • Local farmer’s continuing education (enabled participants to attend VABF programs)
  • Jacksonville Center for the Arts (contributed to early efforts to preserve the property site)
  • Floyd Youth Soccer (purchased soccer goals for field)
  • Supported several Homeschooling Initiatives and Groups

If you would like to contribute to the CERC and the projects we support, you can contact us at, call #540-651-3971 or #540-745-2708 or click on the donation button below. Thanks!!