The CERC is an open community organization–membership requirements are minimal in the hope of fitting in to the hectic pace of peoples lives. Participation is voluntary, based on intention and passion; because our ideas lead us, but it is what we do which has the power to change the world. However, we do ask for membership dues of one dollar. This is a symbolic way of demonstrating our commitment to the process and community of Floyd and that we will receive benefit in return.

We meet a few times a year to discuss projects that we are supporting, projects we would like to support, and how we can support them. Upcoming meetings will be announced on the FloydMuse Calendar and in any Museletters that go out.

We invite the community to participate as each individual can, at the level they are drawn to. Together we continue to support our wider community as it manifests itself as the human resource, the root of education.

CERC is growing its membership base and we invite you to become an active part of the group. To learn how to become a member, please contact Board Member Shirleyann