The Community Educational Resource Coalition (CERC) is an organization born in Floyd in 1983 out of vision of supporting community interaction. This vision spontaneously emerged from many excited gatherings of folks new and old to Floyd, all seeking to establish a nurturing community for themselves and their children.

The CERC’s purpose has been to network our human resources as a basis of education and community building. This intent has taken many forms over the years. Fundamental to this goal has been the desire to nurture new perspectives, open source sharing of information and ideas and the willingness to support eachother’s dreams. We recognize that a living community is not a static entity but ever changing, yet mutually interdependent–the well-being of one affects the well being of all.

We believe we¬† are all standing at a very exciting moment in history…what might we do now?!!

Over the years CERC has seeded and supported many creative ideas. Many of these ideas have flourished and become realities for the individual and/or the community as a whole: as educational facilities and forums, personal growth opportunities and businesses, and as great community fun!

Find out more about our projects by contacting us at info@floydmuse.org and you can support the community through the CERC by donating here:

Become a member of the CERC and help make the change you want to see in the world!