A Museletter is an all volunteer, non-commercial, monthly community forum of The Community Educational Resource Coalition (CERC).

Museletter-photoA Museletter began as a homespun cut-and-paste print publication and was created by some of Floyd’s back-to-the-land-settlers more than 25 years ago. It was created for the purpose of sharing literary/artistic musings and ideas on self-reliance, growing and preserving food, holistic health, home schooling and more. As a form of kitchen table democracy, which began before the prevalence of the internet, the Museletter has served as a vehicle for keeping the community connected by bridging the rural miles between us.

These days, we are moving slowly out of our print format and in to the world or the inter-webs. We would like to continue to provide our print-version of A Museletter for those who want it. Supported by subscription fees, Museletter averages 10 pages per month and is reliant on community submission content. Currently featured are locally written columns, movie reviews, poetic musings, co-responding, and a community bulletin board page for announcements, event listings, and ads.

This website is our response to continually declining subscription base and the call from our volunteers to make the Muse more in touch with the times. We understand that this format will not be for everyone, but we hope we can serve the great Floyd Community as we have for the last 25+ years and in new and innovative ways as well.