Support Local Frucking Entrepreneurs Will Hancock and Dylan Shankin!

Food trucks aren’t new, but fresh locally grown menu items in a farm-to-mobile setting is unique, especially to this area. Will Hancock and Dylan Shankin aspire to bring great local food to the region via Food Truck!!!

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It’s Not Just About a Food Truck…

“The Standard” –  Standards are often delineated from the highest bar down, but as pioneers in this endeavor we lack this standard and are required to set our own. This will be achieved through our intensive attention to detail and dedication to providing fresh locally sourced ingredients, creating delicious new experiences for the community. In turn, we hope this will encourage other businesses in this area to join with us in supporting local farmers to help expand sustainable practices.

Fresh, Local, Sustainable –  We plan on growing a large percentage of the vegetables ourselves, while supplementing from local farms, using only quality local meats and produce that are raised responsibly. Striving to be as Green as possible, we will be using 100% compostable materials.  Everything, from our cups and utensils to our trash bags, will be biodegradable, and all of our waste will be composted at our farm.

Seasonal Menu –  Using food that is in season will not only maintain high quality ingredients, but also allow us to lower costs by getting ingredients when they are more available. This will coincide with our plan to constantly evolve the menu giving us flexibility to continually update the menu and offer fresh, seasonally inspired dishes throughout the year.

Creative Cuisine –  We will be presenting creations inspired from around the globe, so patrons can expect to find everything from Venezuelan Arepas, to Asian styled meats and sides; even Egyptian and Israeli deserts. For those less adventurous, we will serve items such as bison chili and fresh pulled, Latino-style chicken tacos.

Dietary Considerations –  For customers with specific nutritional needs or preferences, we will offer gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options to choose from.  Akara, a Nigerian bean cake is a vegetarian option that can also be prepared to meet vegan needs. Our handmade corn tortillas, stuffed with a variety of seasonal ingredients, are sure to satisfy those with sensitivity to gluten, and our veggie burgers not only please vegetarians, but are delicious even to meat lovers.

Importance of Nutrition –  Nutrition is not often considered when discussing problems in first world countries. However recent studies showing an over 40 percent loss in nutrient over the last half of the century, indicate a substantial reduction in the quality of American food.  Breeding programs focused on size, shelf-life and cost of production have negatively impacted our nation’s food grid. This Results in having to consume nearly TWICE as much to get the same amount of essential vitamins and minerals. By selecting heirloom tomatoes instead of commercial beefsteak varieties, we get increased nutrient and flavor, the only negative aspect being higher cost which can be minimized when purchased seasonally. Using free-range animals instead of commercially manufactured meats improves the animals’ quality of life, enhancing not only taste, but nutritional content as well.

It’s Not Just About a Food Truck…It’s About People

Looking Forward –  We have been working on this idea and making plans for well over a year to finally be where we are now, and even if the campaign doesn’t meet its target we will still work as hard as possible to have a truck running this summer.

While we are aiming for $10,000 with this Kickstarter campaign, the total cost of an operating mobile food truck, with all the necessary infrastructure, will likely be closer to $50,000. If the fundraising campaign brings more than our initial request, we will quickly work on the next steps of our venture; Catering Services, expanding our current operations (including gardening and animal raising), and beginning our heritage pork breeding program.

More Than a Food Truck –  Hopefully, with our hard work and the participation of the community we live in, we can all make this bigger than just a food truck. Let’s call all it a “Sustenance Mobile”, where people can get everything from delicious meals, freshly made fruit drinks and teas, to information about where to get CSAs and where to purchase fresh local food for their home.